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What people have to say about Nachle Dance School

"Nachle dance school has graced the Illawarra Relay for Life 2 years in a row and their performances never disappoint. Their energy, passion and beautiful dance costumes makes this performance a must see. Their lessons are full of enthusiasm and encouragement and you will never catch a Nachle Dancer without a smile! They are very community focused and are always happy to donate their time and talent to raise money for cancer. I would highly recommend Nachle Dance School to anyone who loves music and is interested in learning Bollywood dancing"

Maria Londono-Galindo, Relay for Life 2013 Organising Committee, Wollongong City Council

"Nachle classes are always the highlight of my week. Sherin & Vidiya are passionate about what they do and they transfer their enthusiasm and energy to the students. Classes are always fun and never boring. You always learn something new and they’ll make sure you learn it well. When you’re not sure about something, you’ll be guided step by step. Everyone who loves dancing regardless skill level should join Nachle because you won’t know what you’re capable of until you try!"

Widya Wijaya, Student, Nachle Adult Class

"We had the privilege of watching and enjoying couple of scintillating numbers performed on popular Bollywood numbers on stage by the Nachle team members to commemorate our 25th Wedding anniversary. It was very impressive to see such talent on display and the meticulous planning meant that a very full programme was choreographed and delivered to a very high standard and was hugely applauded by the guests.

Vidiya and Sherin's dedication and commitment to the dance school is reflected beautifully every time the girls and boys from Nachle perform on stage. They have regularly performed in our community's Annual celebration of DIWALI festival displaying and maintaining a very high standard of professionalism and execution. Their encouragement and enthusiasm towards the school has been fantastic and have always been willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to support the development of all the pupils of Nachle School. The school under their valuable guidance has always been receptive to try new themes and support these ideas with resources like costumes and props to achieve perfection. 

We look forward to watching many such quality programs created by the Nachle Team and by associating in any manner to support the School for many years to come and congratulate them for their sincere efforts in promoting and cultivating a great musical tradition so passionately. We would have no hesitation in recommending Vidiya, Sherin and their prestigious Nachle Dance School to anyone who appreciate the quality and finesses of Music & Dance"

Rajeev & Pramila Chaturvedi, Hosts, 25th Wedding Anniversary, 2012

"Nachle Dance School is a brilliant experience for kids and adults and provides a great opportunity for girls and boys to learn Indian dance in a very fun and lively environment.  The teachers Vidiya and Sherin are very passionate about sharing their love for the music, dance and culture - they are extremely well organized, very friendly and loving towards the children and have a great facility in which they teach.  The routines they teach are lots of fun.  My daughter has been attending classes there for a year and loves going to Nachle Dance School.  She has also had the opportunity to perform on stage at functions 3 or 4 times and that experience has been great for her confidence.  The students also get to work as a team. Vidiya and Sherin are wonderful teachers and I would highly recommend Nachle Dance School to anyone of any age who wants to have a go at Indian Dancing"

Parma Juss, Parent of Mala Elith, Nachle Kidz Class

"I have been dancing with the Nachle Dance School for just over a year. I just love coming to the the classes knowing that it some 'me' time, where I can unwind and de-stress. Bollywood dancing for me is such a great form of excercise and a big part of my life. I get to have a lot of fun with a beautiful dance group of friends, while we enjoy the music and dancing together.

Some of the greatest experiences of my life have been on stage dancing with Nachle Dance School. I love the positive feeling of the audience enjoying our performances, while also gaining a lot of personal self confidence. I hope to be a positive role model for my two girls, teaching them that you can be a mum while also keeping in touch with your interests.

I have so much to thank the two very special teachers, Sherin and Vidiya. Not only for their friendship but for all the Bollywood knowledge they teach and for the exciting classes. They have made me feel welcome and part of the Indian community in Illawarra. Over my years of dancing, I have been involved in many different dance schools and styles of dance. I know for sure that nothiung compares to the Nachle Dance School. I am very proud dance member of the Nachle team. "

Sarah Macpherson,Student, Nachle Adults Class

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