Meet the Nachle Team

Nachle team was selected by founders Sherin and Vidiya, to showcase the vibrant universal appeal of Indian dancing and impart fun, festivity and joy to any celebration. The team has many years of dance experience and shares the passion and love for Indian dancing.
Sherin Alex

​​Sherin has over two decades of professional training in Kathak and Bollywood dancing. With her extensive training and incomparable talent, Sherin dedicates her time to choreograph and instruct dancers in the Nachle team. Sherin strongly believes that Dance is a communication between our body, soul and mind….It is a mode to express our innermost joys, sorrows or fears.

When she’s not dancing, She enjoys her time with her family; her very supportive husband and two beautiful boys together with pursuing a research career in Science.

Swapna Vijayakumar

​​Swapna is our youngest team member and brings a versatile classical dance backgound to the Nachle team. Swapna started her dancing career at a tender age of three and has over 13 years of training in the Indian clasical dance style - Bharathanatyam and has performed in over 28 stage performances. She also has training in jazz and contemporary dance styles. 

Swapna has a Masters degree in Information and Communication Technology from the University of Wollongong.

Vidiya Ramachandran

​​Dance is something that has always come naturally to Vidiya. Her background in  Bharathanatyam has paved to strengthen her skills and to showcase her talents to choreograph and instruct students in more modern Bollywood dancing. She teaches the Nachle kids and loves the energy and excitement they bring. She finds immense pleasure being able to teach the younger generations about the amazing culture of India through dance.

When she’s not dancing with Nachle, Vidiya works as a R&D Scientist at NSW Health.

Rachael Stanley

Rachael (Lini) our youngest team member is only 18 year-old. She is a bubbly and vibrant individual currently studying a Bachelor of Business and Law (Human Resources) at the Australian Catholic University in Sydney. Coming from a musical background, at the age of 5, her dad inspired her to engage in learning the Violin and the Piano. Along with music, at the age of 5, she also started to learn Bharatanatyam  from Guru Sashi Bala (School of Natya Dharshan, Sydney) performing at various religious and cultural programmes. She will be completing her Arangetram, which is scheduled towards the end of 2014. On the fun side of things she has always  loved performing Bollywood dances for many cultural functions starting from the age of 7. Lini loves to travel, experience new cultures, spend time with her family and friends as well as have a major love for food and fishing!


Ramya Shami

Ramya Shami has been trained in the art of Bharatanatyam since a very tender age. She mastered the style with great dedication and sincerity. Her in depth knowledge in the style, the command over rhythm, defined movements, flowing pirouettes and pleasant abhinaya, always got high appreciation. “I like to preserve art in true form, but at the same time I love to experiment fusions with other great forms of dancing”  .Ramya likes the Varnam. She says it gives ample scope for nritta and abhinaya. The varnam reveals the potential of the dancer.  “Dancing Varnam, I almost feel like it gives me time to get to know myself again.


Priyanka Lakshmaiah

Priyanka defines her inner feeling through dance and expressions. At an early age she started her training in bharathanatyam and  singing . At age of 10, she danced for an event and realised that dancing was in her bones. This made her learn other forms of dance like freestyle, bollywood and contemporary.  She also choreographed and danced both in classical and western dance styles at numerous events. Priyanka has participated and won several dance competitions. She loves listening to music, reading, writing, exploring places and cuisine. Priyanka also excels in wiritng and has received an award from Indian president APJ Abdul Kalam for an essay writing competition. This written work has also been published in a book. Priyanka holds a Masters in Information and Communication Technology Advanced from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

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