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Nachle Xpress - The Workout

Do you have a New Year resolution to get fit? Are you bored and tired of the same music and moves from your traditional gym group exercise classes?

If yes, why not try something different and spice up your fitness in 2015. Come join Nachle Xpress.


Nachle Xpress is a Bollywood-inspired fitness workout that provides you with a total body workout which is so much fun that you don't realize that you are excercising. It combines stretch, warm up, cool down and choreographed routines incorporating Bollywood inspired dance moves for the hottest Indian movie songs. The cardio workout will get you sweating, but in a fun way. It's energetic,  motivating and a fun way to get fit. 

Type of Fitness Program



Intensity: Low - Medium | Complexity: Low to Medium

Length of Class


45 minutes

6:30 pm to 7:15pm | Every Tuesday

warm up | fitness rotuines | cool down



$8 per class

Less than 0.2 cents per minute for a total body workout!

Sweeter Deal - Bring a Friend free of charge for the 1st class.

Class Locations



216-218 Church Street, Parramatta

Limited Space Available

1. I can’t do Bollywood moves.

Nachle Xpress classes are designed for a complete body workout inspired by Bollywood dance moves. Our focus is not about learning the Bollywood dance techninque, therefore the routines are chorepgraphed and tailored to include less complicated Bollywood dance moves and aerobic moves, to suit all levels, from  absolute beginners to advanced dancers.


2. I don’t understand Bollywood music.

Don't worry......The music will make you move. The routines are chorepgraphed to move with the beats of the songs.


3. I have never tired Bollywood Fitness.

This is great chance for you try Bollywood. Join us and give it a GO!!

If you are not 100% satisfied, then we will refund your money 120%. 20% for your trouble!

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